Hi, there. My name is Eno.

This is my own website on the world wide web.


I spent a decade learning Chinese and Japanese, both modern and classical. During that time, I finished a Ph.D. in classical Japanese literature. My dissertation is available online here.

I have long since given up on academia in favor of software engineering, an exciting field with many fascinating languages. In particular, I enjoy working with Clojure.

Current Projects

Currently, I work as a software engineer at Stedi.

Previously, I worked as a Developer Relations Engineer at Google. I also worked on the logging system for Cloud Foundry.

I write a blog. Check out the minimal number of kilobytes it loads.


If you would like to say hello, feel free to send me an email at eno@enocom.io. Please do not ask me about selling my other domain ecom.com. If you think you need that name, read what Paul Graham has to say.